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Project Reality RolePlay
Posting Guidelines

  • Ingame name: Insert your ingame name here (Or forum name if either of those have been banned). To speed up searching for names, please include the "_" between first names and surnames.
  • Date of ban: Insert the full date of when this happened.
  • Time of ban: Insert the time of when it happened.
  • Ban Reason: Please enter the official ban reason if you know it. If you aren't recognized with the ban put it as "Unknown".
  • Explanation: You need to explain what happened, why it happened and how you will not let it happen again. Do NOT lie in this part. If you are found to be lieing in your appeal to try and get out of trouble, you will be kept permanently banned regardless of what your ban reason was. Being truthful and remorseful over what you did will prove to the admin that you are trustworthy and deserve to come back. Keep the accusations out of this section - you have no one to blame but yourself for the ban. Remember that this is an APPEAL and not an unban request forum so you must show effort in how you deserve to come back to play here.
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By HighDude
Community Owner
Here is the code, which you have to use in fact to get your ban appeal in the accurate & right way, to make sure it gets processed successfully.
Code: Select all
[b]In-game name:[/b]
[b]Date of ban:[/b]
[b]Time of ban: [/b]
[b]Ban Reason: [/b]
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