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By HighDude
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Project Reality RolePlay
You have to fill the next application, read it carefully and answer on it.
You have to send your application to HighDude through Discord DM, either forums PMs.
The in charge staff member will take care about your application.
You have to be patient for the answer, do not reply after sending the application, with question like "Did you checked my application?" - You will get denied automaticallyy.

• You are committed to being aware with script systems.
• Responsible - They should set an example to players on how to behave and follow the rules at all times.
• Committed - They should be committed to the job. They should want to be an admin to help the server, not for the power.
• Reliable - No point in saying one thing and doing the other, try to do your best to help the server improve, being successful to people's requests will be the main key to becoming a reliable staff.

Current ingame name with TLS included:
Real life age (Optional):
Why do you want to be a PR-RP Helper?
Next to the other applicants, what makes you more qualified than others?
Have you ever been in trouble with staff members or in general on PR-RP?
Explain any admin jails/bans you've received the last 8 months:
Do you have any projects related to PR-RP, or have you contributed towards PR-RP? If yes, elaborate:
What type of roleplayer are you?
How long have you been role playing on SA:MP:
Have you ever been a part of a helping or development team before?
Do you write and understand English fluently?
Do you use Discord regularly?
If no to the answer above, are you willing to? / If yes then what is your tag/name on Discord?
Anything extra you'd like to add?:

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Project Reality RolePlay