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We're back and better than ever! We've built a lot so far. We have a great team which is always working on improvements. Always wanted to join a unique and fun server where you can be anything you want? Guess what? You're at the right place at the right time. At the moment we've got a varity of factions such as LSPD, LSFD, Government and so on. We listen to you, if you have suggestions, we'd take into consideration and if your idea helps us get better, we'd implement, AND give you the credits for the idea. We treat everyone here respectfully and we don't favor people over others. Sure, the server may need some tweaking, but with our fantastic development team, the server will be better than any other one that you've been on. Come join today! Roleplay with us! Be apart of us.

  • How do I join? - Visit our forums for important news and information!
  • What's the server IP? - server.project-rp.net:7777
  • Any staff position open? - We are looking for helpers, further information on our forums.

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We have a new forum where you can register if you haven't yet. All the important information you need regards to the server can be found there.

CRUMBLE, Developer